Battery Controler Unit

Kami Menyediakan Battery Controler Unit fungsinya sebagai mengontrol untuk arus yang masuk ke battery serta membatasi tegangan akhir battery supaya tidak sampai di bawah 10,8 VDC. sehingga battery tidak rusak.

Macam – Macam BCU atau Controler

1. Controler untuk PJU

– Sinkobe 12/24 VDC 10 Ampere : Rp 450.000,-

– Sinkobe 12/24 vdc 20 Ampere : Rp 600.000,-


  • Model: LS1024R/LS1524R/LS2024R
  • Design patent NO.:201130028317.3
  • Utility model patent NO.:201120064092.1
  • Light and timer control (Single timer and dual timer optional)
  • Ideal for public lighting area, such as street light, path way,
  • garden lights, parking area, bus station etc.
  • Current: 10A/15A/20A
  • Voltage:12/24V auto work


  • ·12/24V automatic recognition
  • ·High efficient Series PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance.
  • ·Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
  • ·Widely used, automatically recognize day/night.
  • ·Digital LED menu, only one key solve all setting simply
  • ·Intelligent timer function with 1-15 hours option
  • ·Unique dual timer function, enhance the flexibility of street light system.
  • ·Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type option.
  • ·Adopt temperature compensation, correct the charging and discharging parameters automatically and improve the battery lifetime.
  • ·Electronic protection: Overheating, over charging, over discharging, overload, and short circuit.
  • ·Reverse protection: any combination of solar module and battery.
Brosur Controler untuk PJU Klik disini

2. Controler untuk SHS

– Sinkobe 12/24 VDC 10 Ampere : Rp 400.000,-

– Sinkobe 12/24vdc 20  Ampere : Rp 550.000,-

Spesifikasi BCU dari EP Solar


EPHC10-ST series is the second generation of small solar controller. 
It is ideal for rural electrification PV system.


  • Microcontroller digital accuracy
  • PWM Charge mode
  • State of charge (SOC)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Automatic detection of the voltage
  • External temperature sensor
  • Big terminals and big distance between terminals
Brosur Controler Klik disini

3. Controler untuk Komunal

– Sinkobe 48vdc / 30 Ampere : Rp


  • EPSOLAR EPIP is the second generation with high quality and reliability.
  • Adds new features and protections using highly advance technology.
  • Provides longer battery life and improved system performance .Sets
  • new standards for reliability and self-diagnostics


  1. Microprocessor which is made in USA
  2. PWM or ON/OFF Charge mode
  3. State of charge (SOC)
  4. RS232 communication relay, which can realize real time monitoring or downloading history data
  5. With RS232 cable and software
  6. With 1A/30V relay
  7. Temperature compensation, with remote temperature sensor
  8. Battery Ah setting, boost charging, equalizing charging, float charging
  9. Automatic detection of the voltage
  10. Real clock display, Chinese or English display option
  11. EPIP603 series:  24/48 VOLT auto work, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60 AMPS (for PV and load)

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