UPS Riello Aros di stadion sepakbola

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The technology of Riello UPS for the new Juventus Stadium

The new Juventus Stadium has adopted the highly advanced protection of Riello UPS

The new Juventus Stadium has adopted the highly advanced protection of Riello UPS for its power supply system that will ensure the continuity of the most critical system of the facility.

Riello UPS has been entrusted with the task of ensuring the power supply, even in case of power failure or malfunction, to the huge lighting towers that illuminate the field and the interior lighting system of the new stadium, to the video surveillance and security systems, to the advanced newsrooms and television productions, as well as the vast number of general services.

The power continuity systems of Riello UPS enables the achievement of the dual objective of ensuring, if necessary, the immediate supply of large amounts of energy (think of how much to power needs the lighting around the stadium) , excellent quality, to avoid even the slightest surge in order not to damage the delicate and sophisticated electronic surveillance or TV production.

In order to achieve this, Riello UPS has used more than twenty large uninterruptible power supplies, of different type and power, capable to store the enormous energy, to deliver in a fraction of a second , the enormous power of nearly 1 Megawatt. This result was possible because of extensive experience in implementing similar solutions for example the 3 similar stadiums supplied by Riello UPS in South Africa, during the last World Cup.

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